16 January 2015

What is a Presentation Site !?

A presentation site is a way by which a natural or legal person, a community, an NGO, etc. presents its image, products, interests or offer. [...]
15 January 2015

What is a Personal Web Site !?

By "personal site" is meant, in most cases, an online CV, in which are presented and detailed activities, skills, involvement in different projects, a gallery of [...]
March 18, 2014

What are Backlinks !?

Backlinks are links from other sites or pages sent to a page or to the main domain. Maybe this explanation is not too good, the backlinks claim [...]
5 January 2014

What is the forum !?

The forum is a community of people who gather to discuss daily issues or Internet issues. In general, creation is attempted [...]
18 January 2013

End of road Flash, welcome to HTML5

Due to the fact that the largest software platforms, Microsoft, Android or iOS have withdrawn or will withdraw their flash support and Web Invent joins [...]
18 September 2012

What is PageRank !?

Page-rank is a link analysis algorithm that assigns a numerical importance to each element that is part of a set of interconnected (hyperlinked) documents such as [...]
March 5, 2012


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6 November 2011

What is a Web Directory !?

A web directory is a site that contains data about other sites whose information has been recorded and displayed on its pages. It has structured sites [...]
7 January 2011

What is the domain and what is the hosting !?

What is a domain? To have a site you must first book a domain. The domain is the address where you can be found [...]