18 January 2020

What is a webmail !?

What happens if you have a road abroad, or even only in another locality? How do you read your emails? Sure, you can take the program with you [...]
18 January 2020

Banners, standard formats

For many of us, online advertising is primarily banner-display (banner display). Most large campaigns have a solid banner display component, [...]
18 January 2020

What is HTML5 ?!

It is the fifth revision of the HTML standard (created in 1990 and standardized as HTML4 since 1997) and is in development since October 2011. objectives [...]
18 January 2020

Necessary steps to start a website project

Many clients approach us with the desire to have a web site but without having an information bag that gives them a back [...]
18 January 2020

What does “DNS Propagation” mean !?

DNS propagation is an automatic notification process for servers worldwide and occurs when a new domain is registered ( [...]
20 December 2019

What is a Web Portal !?

There are several ways to define a web portal, the first definition would be as a web site that provides an access point to [...]
18 December 2019

What is a web browser !?

A web browser is a software application for finding, presenting, and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web. An information resource is identified [...]
2 December 2019

What is SPAM !?

The term spam was first used in the US as a abbreviation for non - Solicited Pornography and Marketing Acted. In the latest [...]
10 November 2019

What is a RSS feed !?

Feeds, also known as RSS feeds, XML feeds, aggregate content, or web feeds, have frequently updated content published by a Web site. These [...]
12 July 2019

What is SSL !?

SSL is 'Secure Sockets Layer' - a technology developed several years ago, for solving two major problems, regarding the transfer of sensitive data over the internet to the client. [...]