Google Adwords

Google Adwords or PPC (Pay-Per-Click; Cost-Per-Click) Advertising

Adwords pay-per-click, also known as PPC, is a way of posting ads on Google and beyond. When you want to advertise for the products or services you deal with, you have the option of going to sites like Google Adwords and posting sponsored links that will appear on Google's results pages in the future when the terms in the inside of the ads are searched. You also have the choice of what price to pay when someone clicks on one of the ads posted in your Adwords advertising campaigns and beyond.

When a potential customer enters a search term, also called a keyword, into the Google search engine and this term matches the keywords you have chosen for your ads in the Google Adwords campaign, your ad appears on the right side of results page, in the area of sponsored links. If a person decides to click on one of your ads it is redirected to your website, and you pay a predetermined amount for that click received. The more people click on your ads, the more traffic to your site increases and the more your chances of selling the products or services promoted through the Google Adwords campaign increase.

Benefits: Targeting customers is very accurate. From a demographic point of view, search words, maximum budget allocated per day.

The campaign is done during a pre-set period and the spot is active according to preferences. The campaign can start immediately, the activation time of an advertising campaign being about 60 minutes after the proof of its payment.

disadvantages: The ad spot is displayed only while the Google Adwords campaign is active.

Cost: Depending on the rates Google and the other participants in these campaigns. The cost increases depending on how used a word is and how much it bids for it, Google setting its price daily, as on the stock market. Thus, in the moments of relaxation of the market for a keyword, a campaign can consume in one month 400 RON, and in another month of intense bidding consume this credit in one week.

Depending on your preferences, a google adwords campaign can start with both a budget of 400 RON and 1000 RON or more.

Total price: it is formed as follows: campaign cost + implementation fee + administration fee + VAT

Commission: The commission of administration of your campaign is 15% from the value of the allocated budget.

Implementation fee: Reflects the costs of setting up a Google Adwords campaign and is worth $ 100 + VAT

The payment: The payment of these campaigns is made in advance before the start of the campaign for each advertising campaign.

No one can guarantee listing in a TOP 10 position in less than 30 days.

No one can guarantee the first position in a word search in a search engine.