10 February 2019

What is DHTML !?

Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language (DHTML) - is the technology for building interactive HTML pages. DHTML is a set of several technologies: HTML [...]
17 December 2018

What is a DDOS (Denial-of-Service) attack !?

Denial-of-Service (DoS) or in terms of "flood" hack, is a type of attack on a server in order to drastically reduce the operating capacity or even the [...]
14 August 2018

What is MySQL !?

MySQL is a very fast and robust database management system. A database allows you to store, search, sort [...]
30 January 2018

What is a Deeplink ?!

A deeplink is a direct link (a direct link) from any site to an internal page of your site. A deeplink is more important than a [...]
10 September 2017

What is a Footer !?

If "header" I said is the top of a website, then "footer" is the bottom element, footer, element "after me" as important as [...]
9 September 2017

What is a Header !?

Header - the top part of a site / forum / blog / etc, very important part of the gear where most of the time graphic elements are represented, logo, company description, Motto, [...]
21 March 2017

What are the Jpg, Png, Gif! formats !?

Mostly, they are image file formats based on specific compression methods. They are the most popular and used. jpg uses some compression [...]
17 June 2016

The new General Regulation for GDPR Data Protection

On May 4, the two normative acts composing the legislative package on data protection were published in the Official Journal of the European Union [...]
21 January 2016

What is an FTP !?

FTP comes from File Transfer Protocol, a protocol for file transfer and is part of TCP / IP protocols. It is the set of rules that allows transfer of [...]
April 3, 2015

What is a Newsletter !?

A newsletter is actually an electronic message (e-mail) sent to groups of recipients who have previously subscribed to the newsletter. A newsletter is sent to subscribers [...]