• What is (SEO) Search Engine Optimization?
SEO optimization - the art of improving a company's website so that people looking for your type of business can easily find you. Millions of people use online search engines every day to find products and services, which makes them the perfect customer. People who use search engines tend to be energetic, motivated and ready to buy. By getting a leading position in the search engines increases the likelihood of a new customer visiting your site. Search engine optimization is one of the most sought after and cheapest advertising methods on the Internet.
  • How does SEO positioning work?
The most popular search engines rank the results according to an algorithm that analyzes the most relevant web pages containing the keywords. The search engine optimization process starts with identifying the keywords that best represent your company profile. The most suitable keywords for obtaining top rankings in search engines combine three important characteristics: they are frequently used in search engines, are relevant to your company profile and try to avoid competition.
Imagine, for example, the case where your company sells sneakers for tennis online. An obvious keyword would be "tennis", but it will not bring a top ranking. While the word "tennis" is a very popular search, it is inevitable that there will be a great competition on it. Even worse, the word is not relevant enough to the company's profile. Think of the multitude of reasons why people would look for "tennis". You could look for "tennis lessons", "tennis rackets" or "tennis bracelets" - none of which are relevant to the company. For top positioning, optimization should focus on terms addressed to people who are looking for exactly your company profile. Of course, it is possible to go too far in the opposite direction. If you optimize the site for searches like "sneakers with white laces and blue stripes on the side" you might get the first place for this search, but the likelihood that someone will use exactly that term decreases considerably. This is why it is important to keep in mind the three features when you optimize your site for search engines.
  • What can an SEO specialist do for your company?
Once you've determined the keywords you need to focus on, your main goal in search engine optimization is to create web pages that are compatible with people's expectations when you turn them from visitors into customers. Creating web pages that attract both visitors and search engines is not, however, an easy task and requires both creativity and technical expertise. Here are the SEO specialists who can help your company. An SEO expert has experience in designing the site so as to produce the best possible search engine rankings. Hiring a serious SEO company to cripple your company's website can direct your efforts to sales and customer service, while ensuring all the benefits of a higher search engine ranking. Will not the idea of receiving a constant flow of motivated and energetic customers come at a near zero cost?