Web e-Commerce Pack

Web e-Commerce Pack

Virtual Store, Pages Included: over 100 pages + 1 contact page, over 10 galleries Slideshow, Image processing: Up to 200 images, Page design, menu graphics and other graphic details. Online contact form.

Technology: html, css, php, mySql, java, jquery, etc

Execution time 21 to 60 working days.

Domain - chosen by you. - created and administered by us but not included in the execution price of the site. We also work with the client's domain.

For hosting see Offer

Management Board, YES!

Free search engine registration, YES!

SEO optimization, YES!

For more information, contact us in the section contact, download offer in pdf format or send us command d date.

PS. All packages are for informational purposes only, are flexible and allow to be negotiated according to the client's needs!